Are you Ready to Live with Perfect Health?
Do you wish you could learn how to really and truly be healthy? 

To make healthy changes with ease and see them last for a lifetime?

No matter how much doubt you have, you truly can change. 

You just need a different approach. 

MYA Life and Ayurveda is the answer. 

At MYA Life we have developed an integrated health program using Ayurveda that takes you by the hand and guides you to make changes to impact your health forever. 
  • At MYA Life you will learn how to: 
  • Discover and connect with your true nature as spirit 
  •  Make diet choices for your natural constitution leading to happy digestion
  •  Schedule your daily routines to match natures rhythms for limitless energy
  •  Restore your energy and vibrancy with proper sleep and movement

When it comes to what is right for your individual constitution or dosha, there is not a one size fits all remedy. 

Ayurveda is a personalized science with recommendations made based upon what YOU specifically need. 

We look at your daily habits, tendencies, sleep, digestion, emotions, relationships and more to determine your original constitution and imbalances. 

I then create a customized plan with built in accountability and follow-up and support you every step of the way. 

Wondering if Ayurveda can help you?
Schedule a FREE 20 Minute Exploration Call 
with Heather and get immediate custom guidance to start your journey. 
Join the Path to Perfect Health Program:
Discovery Consultation- During this initial 2 hour one on one session we dive deep into your life, looking at physical structure, mental patterns, relationships, sleep, elimination, digestion and more. Your natural constitution and your imbalances is determined from this information.

Report of Findings- The second session is one hour where your dosha and imbalances are fully outlined and a customized plan is presented with the first recommendations and steps to lead to perfect health. These recommendations will cover lifestyle, diet, movement, daily routines and habits. 

Follow-up Visits- The following four weeks, you will then meet with Heather for a one hour session each week to review the recommendations made the previous week, identify and remove challenges, and receive new actions to take on this journey. 

                                                   MYA Life 6 visit Consultation Package- $300
How MYA Life Changed their Lives...
Meeting with Heather with so life changing. I knew a little bit about Ayurveda but was always confused about how to use it in my life. Now I feel confident to make choices about food and routines and feel amazing! 
-Hayley B. 
I have suffered from poor health for the past 20 years and live in constant joint pain. Working with Heather has given me hope and helped me to focus on what I can control. And I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. 
-Melissa G. 
I have had IBS for many years and nothing seemed to help. I saw Heather as a last resort and many of my symptoms have improved: I'm not having to make so many emergency bathroom trips or live in constant pain. I'm a believer!
-Jen S. 
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