Healing Your Life 6 Week Workshop August 29-October 3
Dive into the Ayurvedic Lifestyle in this 6 Week Course.

Week 1: August 29th
The Cause of Disease and Suffering
Your Ayurvedic Constitution

Week 2: September 5
Constitution, Personality and the Mind
The Nature of Your Imbalances

Materials Needed: Neti Pot, Fine sea salt

Week 3: September 12
Healing Your Life Through Diet

Materials Needed: Tongue Scraper

Week 4: September 19
Healing Your Life Through Touch
The Healing Rhythms of Daily Life

Materials Needed: Abhyanga (self-massage) oil

Week 5: September 26
Healing Your Life Through Aromatheraphy
Healing Your Life Through Vision

Materials Needed: Small glass spray bottle, Pure quality rose water (rose hydrosol), Eye Cup

Week 6: October 3
Healing Your Life Through Sound
Final Q&A

Registration $150 for all 6 weeks.
Drop in Rate $30 per class

Thursdays 7-9pmĀ 
August 29-October 3

Hosted at Chestnut Pines 12825 S Fort St. Draper, UT 84020
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