Ep #8: Can you lose weight with Ayurveda?

The goal of Ayurveda is perfect health. For some this might include weight loss, but not necessarily. As you will learn in this episode 'it depends'. Ayurveda focuses on holistic health, but as the obesity epidemic rises, Ayurveda might be a solution to this growing problem.  

What you will discover:

-The Ayurvedic view on weight loss by dosha
-Tastes to eat to help your dosha imbalances
-Quick detox tips good for all doshas
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Ep #7: The Top 7 Benefits of Living Ayurveda

Why is Ayurveda spreading through the west like wildfire? Because we are all ready for true lasting healing and we know that doesn’t come in a pill. Ayurveda brings lasting healing and I am so excited to share with you the top 7 benefits of living an Ayurvedic life. Join me as I share why your life will never be the same once you embark on this journey. 

What you will discover:

-How small changes have big impact 
-Daily habits you can integrate NOW 
-Why your poop is so important
-Why sleep is one of the pillars of Ayurveda

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Ep #6: How Circadian Rhythms Heal Your Life

Living according to nature is a powerful tool to de-stress the body and mind and bring healing and health. Our bodies are wired chemically to sleep when the sun goes down. But we over-ride this because of modern inventions like the lightbulb and electronic devices. Learn what Ayurveda has to say about the times of day and what activities will support our doshas during those times. 

What you will discover:

-How to structure your morning for more energy
-Simple steps to increase the quality of your sleep
-How to spend your day to maximize productivity
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Ep #5: It's Kapha Time! All About Kapha Dosha.

Kapha dosha is the glue that holds us all together. Comprised of earth and water, it gives us structure, compassion, empathy, and sometimes can also get us stuck in a rut. 

What you will discover:

-Learn more about Kapha dosha
-See how Kapha effects your behavior and life
-Discover if you are imbalanced in this dosha
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Ep #4: Pitta is on Fire! All about Pitta Dosha. 

In this episode we dive into Pitta dosha, made up of the elements fire and water but mostly fire. This is the HOT dosha and once you listen you will see why a Pitta can be a great leader but will burn out if they aren't careful.

To get a better understanding of PItta and learn how to strengthen and balance the fire within, join me on this episode. 

What you will discover:

-Learn more about Pitta dosha
-See if you have a lot of fire in your doshic balance
-How to cool off and chill out to avoid burnout
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Ep # 3: Did you say Dosha? All about Vata Dosha. 

All living things are made up of three doshas or constitutions. Knowing our constitutions helps us to identify personality traits, make better lifestyle choices, and live healthier, more peaceful lives. 

In this episode we discuss the vata dosha made up of the elements air and ether. 

What you will discover:

-What exactly is Vata dosha
-Why Vata is the king of the doshas
-How to calm your Vata to balance your body
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Ep #2: What is your Constitution or Dosha?

Dosha is a Sanskrit term for constitution or mind-body type. In Western terms it is similar to a body type. There are three doshas-Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

There are also two categories of doshas: 
Prakruti -your original constitution 
Vikruti-your current imbalances

What you will discover:

-Why you don't need to worry about Prakruti
-Knowing your Vikruti can lead to perfect health
-The ultimate goal of Ayurveda
-Clues to discovering your dosha
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Ep #1: 5,000 Years of Healing. What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a medical science 5,000 years in the making. Stemming from ancient India, Ayurveda offers a level of healing unmatched in Western methodology. Ayurveda focuses on matching your bodies rhythms with the rhythms of nature to lead us naturally to greater health. 

What you will discover:

-The history of Ayurveda
-What is a Dosha
-How listening to nature will improve your health
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